Facebook Post Comment Turns Into A 4-Session Client

For those students who really want to make this a business, you are provided everything you need to make it happen, including a website built for you that has all of the technical tools and my guidance for how to write it so that the website does most of the client attracting for you.  There are tons of “coaches” and sport psychologists out there with excellent training and offering a valuable service but nobody finds them and even worse, when they do find them, do not take action to call or set up an appointment.  You can do just one thing wrong on your website and it will turn off visitors or Google/Yahoo/Bing will not send you visitors.

Here’s some tips to make your website work to do the marketing for you:

  1. Focus on the quality of your writing and not how pretty your site looks.  Text is always more important than graphics.
  2. You must have an email collection system and set it up properly for what your clients want to entice them to sign up.
  3. Site must be easy to navigate and find what the visitor is looking for.
  4. First impressions on the home page must give the visitor the impression: “This is for/about me!”
  5. A video with you speaking from the heart and connecting to your potential client goes a long way to convince them to work with you.
  6. Get a good SEO plugin and follow it’s directions to optimize a page for Google. I recommend Yoast.
  7. Make sure you build in security for your site and follow best practices to avoid getting hacked. Happens regularly to website owners who are unaware.


Here’s an example in the video below of one of my students success who has followed my advice to the tee and what you can expect if you put the effort in like he did.