The #1Character Trait That Determines Success In This Business

Success in this business depends on a lot of things. If I was forced to choose 1 concept or idea that is the biggest determinant of whether or not you create a successful business, it would be what I talk about in this video:

Most people do something for a little while and then if they don’t achieve to their expectations, they give up and declare “It doesn’t work.”  Now, that’s useful for some situations but not so useful for others.  Example:  when I was first building my business, one of the things I did was to literally walk around to doctor offices and try to make contact with doctor’s nurses to get them to refer difficult patients to me.  I did this for a week, I think.  I didn’t get much results from it and so I gave up on it.  I declared: “That doesn’t work.”

Now, the truth of the matter is that if I had continued to do this strategy, and nothing else, for a year or more, I would have gotten really good at it and would have refined my process by trial and error and it WOULD have worked!  Determination would have kept me taking action towards CONSISTENCY.  It’s the consistent action that would have paid off in the long run.

For building a practice, I advocate finding something you can see yourself doing for the long run, and then just keep doing it…just keep doing it.  Use the power of CONSISTENCY to get the results you want.

Read stories of people like Col. Sanders of Kentucky Fried Chicken fame and J.K. Rowling and Thomas Edison inventing the lightbulb and Abe Lincoln in politics and you will see a theme about just keep on doing your thing consistently, with intention, and watch your dream come to reality.  Yes, persistence and consistency go together.

Let’s do this,