Process and Structure Builds Therapist/Coach Confidence

99% of everyone who goes through life coach, hypnotherapy, NLP, and even sport psychology programs never work with even one paid client for their services.


No confidence in their ability to solve their clients problems.  They are scared to death of the embarrassment that comes when a person pays good money and then doesn’t get their outcome.

I understand this fear very well. For 2 years or so, I lived with it. And I experienced that embarrassment.

Thankfully, you don’t have to go through that because I have refined a repeatable process from my 2,000+ in person client experiences and thousands more in online coaching.

This is the structure my trainers refer to in the video below:

I built my business on implementing my structure in a 4-session process with my clients over the years.  The structure can be expanded into a 3 or 6-month coaching program or squeezed down into a 1-hour workshop and everything in between.

Here’s the fundamentals of the 4-session process using the R.A.C.E Formula.

Session 1:  Deep uncovering of the belief programs causing the real problem.  R. Relentless building.  A. Awareness teaching and then finish with a simple intervention to take a chunk out of the pressure/stress to perform.

Session 2:  E. Emotional mastery leading to fearlessness.  This is based on the fact that there are only 2 categories of things us humans fear in life:  1. Physical harm/death to the body.   2. Emotions.   Once you learn how to not be afraid of emotions, then you are essentially fearless.

Session 3:  Mental practice on steroids in 1 minute and C. Clearing of all old mistakes/chokes and a tool for future ones. Creates resilience and destroys more fears.

Session 4: Extricating the last bits of fear with direct antidotes and then internal conflict resolution process.

You always know what to do going into a session but having the flexibility to adjust as new things come up.  It’s more than just delivering tools…it’s about getting new perspectives from the head, into the body:


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