Testimonials and Success Stories

What students say about the training:

Listen for the common themes in these testimonials:

  • The structure for working with athletes gives them great confidence to do the work and flexibility to tailor it to themselves.
  • The personal attention and support from Craig was more than they expected.
  • The Marketing training and website gets them paying clients
  • The small group format was perfect to learn from others and get support from their group.
  • They feel like they have the confidence to work with anyone.
  • Craig is invested in and cares about their success.
  • What they got from the training was worth far more than the investment.

Jana Dean – Chehalis, WA. (First certification training and now using it as a life coach.) “You’re a fantastic coach & mentor…’how can I support you’ is music to my ears.”

Prentiss Rhodes – Phoenix, AZ. Stressmanagementcoach.org. “In the online space, people make lots of promises…when I got into the course…Craig spent more time with me…and made me feel confident that I would be able to do this work.

Caleb Scorsone – NY, USA. (Started seeing paying clients before graduation.) “With the 6 clients that I’ve had come in, and were able to convert, that alone covered the investment. The content provided in the program has been revolutionizing for me. Your accessibility was outstanding. I never felt like I was alone. I felt like this was more of a connection, commitment and that we’re in this together. I feel like you have my best interest in mind and it’s genuine. And the accountability was huge!”

Ken Ansell. “The best thing I found about your program is it’s a systemic approach to solving acute problems. It gives you the tools to approach any problem in any sport and have the athlete get a successful outcome. It instills a lot of confidence in the trainer. It’s hard not to get success. I have taken many other courses… and you don’t leave with the confidence or knowing that the ability is there to do it like I got out of your course.The personal attention that was given to me in the program far exceeds any other program I’ve taken before.”

Cheryl Rode Lexington, KY. ”

John Harvey Grant, Bali – Sports Mental Coach prior to joining the program. “The biggest surprise was your ability to find more about who I am, my unique abilities, my unique skills and help bring them out within the context of all the incredible skills and tools that are taught in the program. The support I got was mind-blowing, epic. Craig was just there whenever I needed him. I really felt supported that I could lean on him to figure out the blocks I had with my athletes. Your years of experience with the athletes and the intricacies of their blockages, problems and challenges they have and the ability that I would have to talk through those subtleties was invaluable for me. ”

Diane Regan, Lansing MI. “Even though I’m a licensed professional counselor and been through hypnosis courses, I’ve learned so much more from Craig. You’re going to feel confident with your skills and ability to effect change for other people…”

Rob Day – The Goalie Guy Exeter N.H. “Craig’s (program) is the way to go…and I’m glad I made the choice. I’ve got a good system, it’s working with all the kids, there’s plenty of support, plenty of resources and I know you’re in it for the kids”

(Rob compares Craig’s program to some others he researched prior to joining.)

Steve Kelly – Hypnotherapist. Michigan USA “The process is very effective because you are zeroing in on the interference. Unless you get to that core thing, you’re probably just papering over the problem and it’s going to come back. The best thing about the training is that it had a one-on-one feel to it and he makes sure that everybody gets what they need. You never feel like you’re in a crowd of people and just listening to some guru talk. He asks specifically what you need to move forward. He never forgets to do that.

Richard Gunn – Hypnotherapist. Indiana, USA. “You’re always there for me and you know what we’re going through. The most valuable thing (from the program) is how to work with each sport. I worked with another client for soccer, an 11 year old girl. Her dad said she’s playing lights out and we’ve only had 2 sessions so far…I would recommend the program because you can teach the person how to go from ground zero to a successful business… After the 3 months when I still have questions, I can still contact you, that’s the best part!”

Carol Alford, corporate/golf coach. Staffordshire, U.K. http://alfordassociates.co.uk/

Jim Colton Hypnotherapist. Atlanta, GA

Damian Neill – National Rugby Coach, Malta

Sylvia Fallon – Swim coach Scheffield U.K.

Debbie Owen – Parenting Coach, Author, Speaker. Boston, MA
Talking about the training’s effectiveness for working with kids. Do you have what it takes?

Wendy Lynne – Life Coach Seattle, WA