Secret weapon for getting clients to change

Much has been written and talked about in the need for rapport when working with a person to help them change. Yes, it’s absolutely necessary. Yes, not much happens without it.  Yes, you can learn and improve your ability to do this.  But, that’s the basics.  Mental Toughness Trainers go much further than just rapport to get the Integration our clients need to make the shifts needed to achieve their goals.

…because what is often overlooked is the power of


Humans are deeply ingrained with a program for needing community or belonging.  This comes from our history as a species that required community for survival.  Without community, humans are very weak creatures but with it, powerful.

When humans feel powerful, they act powerfully.

You, as a coach, want to tap into and ensure your young athlete or client gets an unconscious boost in their R. Relentless (belief in the ability to change) by bringing the community to them right there when you are working with them.

This goes for my certification training program just the same.

As a Mental Toughness Trainer, you are joining a community…for life.

Watch this video:

To do this in a session, you tell them things like:

“Your issue is very common, I see it all the time”
“I’ve worked with a top pro athlete who had almost the
same thing going on with him”

“I used to deal with that myself when I was younger”

“Most kids your age are going through that”

And then, on top of that, when you can move the client
into YOUR personal community….Boom!
The client will follow your every word.

I look my clients right in the eyes and tell them that they are
my client for life and that I will never give up on them.

I do it in our first session (or training class) and I reinforce that message often.