Secret weapon to get clients

As a fellow mental coach, I know that having a consistent stream of clients
is by far the hardest thing about this career. I struggled hard to get
my business going in the beginning as do most coaches.

But I was taught a little marketing secret from my mentor that ended my
problems and I want to share it with you and other struggling coaches
and here it is:

In this industry, if you want clients to choose you over the competition,
you have to be perceived as a specialist in their issue.

It’s the old “Ear nose & throat doctor” analogy.
For example, a mother has a child with a raging sore throat and
has the choice between a family doctor and the “Ear, nose & throat doctor.”
Which one will she choose?

Now, you may already know that so here’s the real secret…

You can be a “specialist” in more than one specialty!

How do you do this? With multiple websites and each one showcases
a different specialty!

What do most mental coaches do?

They have 1 website that looks like nothing more than an online brochure
that either has a laundry list of issues they can help their clients with
(like the family doctor)


their website is loaded with all sorts of fluffy words that mean nothing to
a potential client with an ACUTE problem who wants help now.

Fluffy terms like:

Get unstuck
Live your true, authentic life
Unlock your potential

blah blah blah.

That’s like telling the mother of the child with the raging sore throat:
“Your child can have perfect health at our clinic”

when she wants to hear:

“We know everything there is to know about kids with sore throats and have a
special process to identify the perfect solution for each case.”

So, your specialty website has to convey that message.

And if you have a specific website for each of your specialities, then
each website brings in people like a salesman in the field with a territory.

When I figured this out, I made 5 websites, 1 for each of my “specialities”

Weight loss
Chronic Pain
General Hypnosis
Business Fears

…and my business took off.

You might be thinking:

“But, I can barely afford one website and that cost me a lot of money and it’s
not bringing me any clients and I don’t know how to use it and….(other objections)”

I get that and it’s a huge hurdle for most people. We call those hurdles
“barriers to entry” in the business world.

I love “Barriers to entry” because if you don’t have them and it’s easy for
everyone, then everyone will do it and no one will stand out!

The tougher the barrier to entry, the better!

My students get past this barrier as I actually build a website for them
that they can inexpensively replicate to implement this powerful strategy.

I not only build it with the functionality to join technology and the
psychology of converting a visitor to a paying client, but also with
the foundation to get Google and Bing to send you visitors.

…and you fully own, control, and learn how to use it.
If you are good enough to use email,
then you can be in charge of your own website!

Sports is the perfect additional specialty for any mental coach to add
because there is an endless supply of kids needing help coming up
every year and nobody is helping them.

You end up turning them and their parents into your 6 month coaching
packages quite easily and once you help the kid, you get referrals for
teammates and other parents….

Oh, by the way, over time, I got enough clients from my sports specialty to
be able to drop all of the others and now all I do is sports and performers
because it’s by far the most fun client type to work with!

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