The Root Cause of Most Performers Fears

The following clip is a section of a training class where I was teaching my students what we do for our clients as part of our process to get them to perform to their potential.  By the way, “Performing” is not just about athletics or entertainment.  Performance can mean eating and exercising to our potential for our health.  It can mean making as many sales calls as you have the ability and time to do so.
“Performance” is simply any type of action toward an outcome or goal and assisting our clients to perform to their potential is what a mental toughness trainer is all about!

We operate with our clients under the basic principle:  Performance = Potential – Interference.

Get rid of the interference, and the client performs to potential.

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A huge part of our client’s interference pattern stems from a generalized belief that our difficult emotions are to be avoided at all costs.  This is the root cause of fear that triggers the body into a state that doesn’t work for optimal performance.  I’m giving you the structure for how we do this in this video below. Also just discovered how to use my ipad for training visuals as you’ll see. I’m constantly improving and upgrading the certification program!