Class clip: E. in the RACE Formula – Emotional Mastery

Emotions in golf

During our 3- month program, my students learn how to facilitate my 4-session process that I developed, refined, and continue to improve even to this day.  The process is designed around my RACE Formula methodology.  R=Relentless. A=Awareness C=Clear (the blocking programs) and E= Emotional Mastery (leading to fearless).  All clients are guided through the process using a foundational structure or framework that they can easily understand: Performance = Potential – Interference.  By far, the #1 interference to performance potential is their emotions as you will see in this clip from one of our classes.

Emotions can knock us off our game on either side – you can get too up and, of course, you can get too down. Either way, it interferes with your potential to do anything. When you master your emotions, you are able to live as an emotional being that all of us are and yet, you flow with them while keeping your head together. That’s the ultimate goal.  I hope this lesson brings you some A. Awareness to you to build R. Relentless (belief in your ability to change nervous system reactions) so that you can C. Clear the origin of the problem stopping you from achieving your goals and dreams. That’s what mental toughness trainers do for their clients. 🙂

Let’s do this,