Details of the training

Here is the course syllabus detailing what is involved in the Mental Toughness Trainer Certification program. The greatest therapist in the world is useless without clients.  There are people out there, right now, with problems hurting their life who are waiting for you to help them.  You need to know how to reach them and you need to charge for your services because people do not value what they don’t pay for.  You get much better outcome results for your clients when you charge a fair rate and they are motivated to get out of their problems.  That’s the bottom line.


I.       SYLLABUS – R.A.C.E. Formula

1. Session 1

1. Personal detailed history

2. Discovering the real presenting problem

3. Establishing the frames

4. Setting up the parents

5. The diagnosis – A. AWARE

6. R. RELENTLESS (victim vs. empowered)

a) Measuring

b) Building

7. 1st major Intervention for performance anxiety (fear)

8. The Stress glass paradigm for mental blocks

9. The 4 Key questions to end every session

2. Session 2

1. Making client responsible for change


3. How to be fearless

4. Building Confidence

3. Session 3 - C. CLEAR

1. Establishing Change mechanism

2. 1-minute Mental Practice protocol

3. Mistakes, Chokes, Poor performance

4. Antidote development

4. Session 4

1. Eliminating the Fear of: Pressure, Failure, Rejection

2. Internal conflict resolution

3. Flow/Zone

5. Setting up business (optional as needed by group)

1. Business Structures

2. Government regulations

1. Scope of practice

2. Protecting yourself

3. Getting clients

1. Market to what they want, give them what they need

2. Wearing multiple hats, working outside of sports clients

3. Multi-step marketing to get the shy “yes”

4. Selling packages – easier to get more sessions than more clients

1. The framework

2. The phone

3. The website

5. Getting google to send you clients

6. Team presentations & group workshops

1. How to line them up

2. What to present to set up for getting clients

3. Good partners & what they care about

7. Guerrilla marketing tactics

8. Psychology of turning an interested prospect into a customer – Conversion


The following will be folded into the appropriate teaching in the syllabus above or added in as needed:

  • How to get clients from social media and the rest of the internet
  • Working with clients remotely (phone, video, computer)
  • Healing and Getting over mental effects of injuries
  • How to work with kids 10 and under
  • Differences between working with girls vs. boys
  • How to confront parents when they are the biggest problem
  • Discover and use what already works for the client for quicker change work
  • Integrating one concept is far better than teaching more concepts
  • Clearing your own interference to working as a mental trainer
  • How to create your own guided visualizations
  • How to get clients to come up with the conclusions you want them to, on their own
  • How to clear clients blocking beliefs and belief programs in normal conversation
  • The 8 athletic personality archetypes and how to work with each
  • How to fire up a competitor who has stuffed their voice or anger
  • How to ignore irrelevant information and find the core of the problems
  • How to teach concepts to the unconscious mind
  • How to eliminate unwanted habits (can be used outside of sports)
  • How to tap into the clients metaphors and utilize it for unconscious change
  • How to transform procrastination, lack of motivation
  • How to work with business people using the same process/tools.
  • Plugging the client into the structure no matter the

Optional things I can teach if time permits and the group wants it:

Internet Marketing

  • Copywriting
  • Creating your own online programs

Online tools and tech

  • Audio/Video
  • Hiring outside vendors, virtual assistants

A System and a Structure

It is my intention to give you everything you need (and then some), to not only assist athletes and competitors to achieve their performance potential more often, but to give you a system and a structure that will allow you to work with just about any type of mentally healthy person who wants to improve their performance in anything.


Upon completion, if you are present on at least 8 of the 12 calls, show evidence through participation or documentation of using the tools with real practice clients, and pass the final exam test with a score of 80% or better, you will be issued a Certification as a Mental Toughness Trainer. You will be licensed to use the term “Mental Toughness Trainer” in your outreach, marketing, print materials, etc. You will be able to use the Mental Toughness Trainer logo and certification badge on your website and printed marketing materials. You will be listed on the Mental Toughness Trainer site as an additional promotion for your services and issued a Trainer Certification number.

Special Note

The thing I am most grateful about in doing this work is in the personal development I gained for myself. Quite often, you will find yourself working on issues with your clients that you must work on for yourself. You literally ARE working on yourself as you are guiding your client to their wholeness and integrity…especially if you work with kids.

I became more and more fearless by teaching clients how to be fearless. I cleared my unconscious interference patterns when I guided my clients to do so. I became more confident and fearless as I watched my client’s confidence shift before my own eyes.



1. PreCourse

1. Advanced Mental Toughness online program2. One-on-one initial meeting with Trainer to dial in your specific business goals, choosing domain, and how we build the website.

2. 10 Weeks Intensive small groups (6 max)

1. Weekly coaching call. Recorded if you can’t be present. We will all find a time that can work for all of us before beginning and we’ll stick with it.

1. I will spend the first part of each call reviewing the previous week’s homework and answering questions about using the concepts with your practice clients.2. Then, we will cover new ground. Then assign that week’s homework.

2. Separate team communication website for the greater community of trainers, past and current. I use an app called – Slack- that you can use on the computer or via a phone app. I use both. Ask me questions 24 hours a day.

3. Separate team communication website

Separate team communication website for the greater community of trainers, past and current. I use an app called – Slack- that you can use on the computer or via a phone app. I use both. Ask me questions 24 hours a day.

4. Trainer’s Certification Website

For this training where I will post our calls, my recorded case sessions (I have lots of them), homework assignments, client handouts, business docs, main training videos/audios, my scripts and outlines for talks, etc.

5. Access to Additional Online Training Programs

We will refer to these for homework and teaching purposes. Students use for creating content for workshops.

A. Mental Toughness Academy (kids under 15)B. Conquering Injury

C. Confidence from Scratch

D. H.S. Coaches Mental Toughness Toolbox

E. Others at Company’s discretion.

6. Post 10 Weeks

1. Personal one-on-one success meeting with Trainer for ongoing success plan.2. Ongoing access to all of the above, except live coaching calls will end. I will answer all questions in the Slack app for you.

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