You: A Mental Toughness Trainer Using Our New, Systematic Process To Get Athletes & Performers Breakthrough Success.

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Don't Have The Confidence To Actually Charge For Services?  Is This You?

  • You are a sports coach who has seen countless athletes unable to unlock their talent, and you want the solution.
  • You are a life coach, therapist, or hypnotist and would like to expand or specialize your practice to athletes and performers.
  • You are an ex-athlete wanting to capitalize on your experience/network to build your own business in the sports industry.
  • You are passionate about sports, have a strong desire to help people, and want to create a new career working with athletes.

Being A Coach Is One Thing...Having The Confidence To Take On The Most Difficult Cases & Get Them Their Outcome (Performance, Speaking Fears, Stress, Weight Loss) Is What Sets A Mental Toughness Trainer Apart And Why We Charge More For Our Services.

  • Can't bring practice game over to competition (All Sports)
  • Lacking or Inconsistent Confidence in competition. (All Performers)
  • Folds under pressure. (All Performers)
  • Lacks aggressiveness when needed. (Basketball, Soccer, Football)
  • Stubborn inner belief that you don't belong at or deserve a certain level of success. (All performers)
  • Serious mental blocks literally stopping athletes from executing/finishing skills (Gymnastics, Pole Vaulting, Endurance Sports)
  • The Yips - Involuntary muscle movements when executing skills. (Tennis/Volleyball serve, Golf, Baseball Throwing, FB Kicker)
  • Won't take the shot when open and strategy calls for it (Basketball, Soccer, Hockey, Lacrosse)
  • Gives up leads, plays not to lose, lets opponents come back and fails to close out the win. (Tennis, Golf, Pool, Individual sports)
  • Can't get over the effects of an injury even though cleared by doctor. (All sports)
  • Can't let go of mistakes and ruins the next performance. Way too hard on self. (Esp. youth athletes)
  • Unable to overcome fear in a physically dangerous sport (Motorsports, Cycling, Skiing, Gymnastics)
  • Can't handle coaches/parents communication, teaching, advice, feedback. (Youth athletes)
  • Stuck on performance plateau or personal best time. (Swimming, Track & Field, Endurance, Rodeo)
  • Inability to FOCUS in competition (Shooting sports, golf, youth athletes)
  • Deep-seated Fear of Failure or Success. Belief that "I'm not good enough." (All performers)

If This Is Your Calling....Stop Thinking About It And Start Doing It!

"It's never a lack of's always a lack of resourcefulness" - Tony Robbins

Finally A Proven Structure You Can Learn That Delivers Mental Toughness To Athletes, Performers, or Anyone Wanting To Achieve A Goal. Makes You Look Like A Miracle Worker.


"Without Clients, You Just Have A Hobby"

Clients are everywhere. Most mental coaches have no idea how to get clients because they do not understand two things:  1. The psychological principles of "Conversion" and what it takes to turn an interested person into handing you their credit card. and 2. How to utilize today's technology to implement #1. 

After 8 business coaches, selling $500, 000 worth of online training and closing over 2,000 clients for one-on-one work, I've learned a few things about marketing that allows my students to jump to the head of the line and build a sustainable new career that actually gets better in economic downturns.